Our work is wide-ranging, but also very specialized. That is why we have operating divisions that deal, with all the specific expertise involved, with every aspect related to design.


Find out how we followed and realized some of the most relevant works.
Different works, same ambition to excellence as always.

  • Si tratta di un intervento di ristrutturazione edilizia dell’edificio B303 sito in Sigonella NAS I [...]

  • WeDB supported the construction management for the articulated ESPC site at Sigonella through the [...]

  • These are 3 different contracts for which WeDB has drawn up a series of projects [...]


Experience, but also innovation; constantly evolving skills; qualified resources working in synergy; and a lot of attention to processes, methodologies and quality. That’s how we ensure our Engineering for Excellence.

  • Quality control for each project;
  • Latest technologies;
  • BIM Methodology;
  • Skills sharing;
  • Maximum security.


We are Next Generation: we grow the talents of the future by investing in young people in a concrete way. Seminars, webinars, scholarships and internship programmes to help every talent fulfil its potential.


Here’s who chose us.
Leading brands, both Italian and international, who have chosen WeDB as their partner.